Song from the album, Tales of the Opera House by PhantomSpartan.

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(He’s a good friend o’ mine and has a great variety of beats to jam to)

Me: vocals, cowbell, percussion, production
PS: bass & drum programming, FL Studio production, editing, spoken words

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"When you can’t sleep…!"

Worked on it when I couldn’t sleep one night.

The first & lead single

Enjoy everybody!

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Let me know what you think of the final version of the album. Take care!

@stephenroddy (“Line-In”): Lead Guitarist, Solos, Drums, Keyboards, Initial Demo Recordings, Production

First part of a two part series of songs entitled: Beautiful Disheartened Age. It’s a very emotional, somber piece that makes me feel right at home. Home is clearly shown within the track at various points. It reflects on my confusion and frustration with people I’ve lost along the way. New experiences and opportunities that are slowly coming to fruition. Moving things along as best I can and during this time we have to see what’s going on in the world and what’s going on inside us as human beings too.

Featuring a dear friend of mine and fellow collaborator/musician, the fantastic, Stephen Roddy for with whom this song would of not been possible. His instrument playing is shown immensely and brought alot of emotion to my original concept and vision. Always wanted tough guitar solos to work with for awhile now. Tinkered with other ideas and song structures I recorded and re-did for the past couple months. Added synth, percussion, sound effects, and music arrangements that fit within everything else once I worked on Stephen’s session demo. Edited and re-designed photos using the program app, “Ribbet”. I may go back to this song and add other elements such as lyrics and vocal choirs in a future studio environment.

“Hope you all enjoy the new song! ” Thanks for any support!

Venus “Neheah” Lilith Moss; Colene Rose Abaldo-Single cover art designers and models

My Production Label: WISE LOGIC LIBERATE Studios

“Pt. 2 Coming Soon!”

Instrumental track reflecting old habits and new beginnings. Cowbell percussion and some synth guitar work around an old demo I’ve been tinkering with for awhile. I love using these old demos as a frame work for something greater. Usual editing techniques and assistance from “Audacity”. Edited the cover art using the program app, “Ribbet”.
Venus “Neheah” Lilith Moss-Single cover art photographer and model, fellow band mate, and music support

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My Production Studio Label: WISE LOGIC LIBERATE

Fun little mash-up using various session work and sampling I’ve been working with for awhile now. Put it to good use. Looking towards the future. Enjoy!

Audio Samples:
“Unskinny Bop-Poison” (1990), X-PLAY, Mad TV skit: Randy Newman Star Wars
My Production Label: WISE LOGIC LIBERATE studios

PhantomSpartan (Moe Wilson)-“Spoken words, sound effect”
Me-Sampling, Ukulele, Guitar, Percussion, Synthesizers, Sampling, Editing, and Lead Production
Colene Rose Abaldo-single cover art designer and model
Programs: FL Studio, FamiTracker, AudioSauna Studio

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Uploaded from the album to test the waters and preview what I’ve done. A variety of instrumentation and editing went into this song. Borrowed material from previous demos unused at the moment from an upcoming game soundtrack, canceled projects with other people, incomplete ideas, and just put it together. Have a listen, won’t you? Album is out now. I’ll let that speak for its self.


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Re-uploaded and edited the original tune and it sounds a whole lot more focused and improved from the original version. Feels more like a band. I’m doing the same with the previous two tracks. We are working on a few more song ideas later on in the coming months. A concept featuring the works of Edgar Allan Poe we are interested in. While fixing and releasing older material till we are all satisfied with the designs. So stay tuned and enjoy future releases and announcements when they appear.

An updated version that is featured on the album, Oh Boy 3AM!! Originally it was released on here as an experimental piece. It still is for the most part; but featuring backing vocals within the mix. I removed the older version to conduct more promotion for the album and I prefer this improvement. Added a single cover art piece from my computer originally used for various other projects. Took the photo in high school and made it feel like a tune you could maybe pick up at an online store someday. Perhaps a physical location? Who knows. A cowbell and synth sound-scape with haunting overtones over studio program effects to display an eccentric mind set.

Featuring: Ashley Wright (backing vocals)

Album cover art (by Holly Knowland “in the credits”):

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New and improved version from my new album re-release, Oh Boy 3AM!! Album out now on Google Docs, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp. Enjoy!

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My album has been finished as best I could with the time left before I have to move on to bigger things after college. I’d like to thank my close friends for their input with the music, lyrics, and other details. Featuring a variety of different music sub genres and improved editing, quality, and production on the songs. It’s as close to my vision as possible with the resources I have at the moment.

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